20 Years of Misery

Some women have been wth men and they don’t know when enough is enough. One wise woman speaks: I’ve been with you for twenty years and all I got out of this relationship was a beating, bruises, neglect, my feelings hurt, low elf-esteem, trips to hospitals, shame, helplessness, fear, loneliness, discouragement, disappointments, a hunger for love and affection and no compassion. You have the audacity to say you’re doing all you can, to show me you love me.


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  1. naisha gardner
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 22:59:42

    Lady`s if u with a man that treat u like trash just know that u can do better than that and u dont need someone to down u everyday. If u have to be alone than hey cause its better than being degraded and not loved, so just know u can do better and its someone out there for u and u dont have to take that shit so stand strong and get out that door as fast as u can cause its only gone get worst. Like death…..


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