Run Run Run

When you are being abused run, run, run. You don’t have to take abuse from anyone in any fashion. Verbal abuse is the worst because you never forget the words. You are worthy of all great things. You have to put your faith in GOD and not in people. If you allow a man to abuse you he will. Don’t accept or allow any type of abuse from anyone. No one should have control over you. You have control over you. You are a beautiful human being despite what you have been told. GOD don’t make junk.  be strong my sisters, love yourself enough to get out and get help. Remember- run, run, run (Get out).


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  1. naisha gardner
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 22:49:03

    Yes because we have to stand up and show other woman that we are strong black women and if your partner cant treat u like the woman u deserve to be treated like than run cause he want do nothin but bring u down. You got woman out here that handle they own without a man so dont feel like u need a man to make a happy home cause sometimes a happy home is better off without a man that treat u like trash so if u have a man that do u that way just remember run run run!!!!


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