How Close Are You?

You know everyone wants to have someone who they can talk to about things. Sometimes you have to weigh some things out before you make  that decision because you are taking a chance of someone talking about your most personal stuff to someone else. Don’t be surprised if the information you told to someone really wasn’t between you and them.  Sometimes people can seem to be close to you but they are not really. They just like spreading your business to make themselves seem like they are in a better position then you. Huh? is what I would say to that. You have your so-called Girl’, I betcha you’re girl is the one who asks you everything she can think of. You know why? because she want to compare her life to yours.  Once she thinks that she knows everything about you,  she will use it against you in an argument. –ahh that’s yo’ girl tho’, you see I would keep her at bay. She could never get close to me like that. Real friends don’t shoot shit at you like that. You can always find a snake if you look hard enough always needy, always want you to go out your way but she never can because she don’t got it-sound familiar because it’s true, Can I borrow this can I borrow that I’ll pay you back, but she never does, she’ll always have an excuse why she can’t. Stop being taken for granted.  Woman up and tell her, I ain’t doing it no , find somebody else to flunky for you, I ain’t doing it, and when you do stand on it sit back and see what she does. If she comes correct keep her your girl, if not and she continues to be on that same shit dis-miss her bottom line. No regrets! You know, you have these same kinds of people in your family. They only want to see you when you got something and when you don’t the hell with you. Oh, and they never invite you to anything unless it’s beneficial to them, they would have to be getting something out of  it. When you go around family they always got something negative to say why is that? jealousy perhaps, hatred what? I don’t understand and guess what? I wouldn’t be trying to figure it out either.  I know  it’s always gonna be people who you’re gonna be close with may it be  family, friends, co-workers, what have you. You got people who think there lives are so much better than yours because all their shit is bigger and better than yours, like their  house or car. I wouldn’t give that any energy. Don’t pay any attention to that kind of stuff you see, I do recall the Devil doing the same sorta thing. Why wouldn’t you want all this? I’ll tell you why because if it was meant for you to have something you would have it. Never gloat over things that other people have be happy with what you got, cause whose to say you still will. You have people when they go around their family they be looked up and down, talked about in a negative way, judged by the path that they have chosen to take- never a follower be singled out as the bad sheep. That’s ridiculous but it is what it is. I want you all to, at every chance you all get to smother negativity. Don’t  let negative  things, thoughts and people cloud your mind, it’s a set-up for failure.  remember misery loves company


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Salashia
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:14:47

    Wow every thing u said was true….wow


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