I wonder sometimes why do people get married? I’ve seen fighting marriages were they hit one another for various reasons only beknownst to them. I’ve seen convenience marriages where a woman or man marry another person for convience- meaning they only wanted what they couldn’t do themselves. I’ve seen marriages where they cheat on each other and the funny thing is they think this is cute as they say.  Ahh, I beg to differ.  I’ve seen unhappy marriages where one or the other has married someone because they think it is the right thing to do- she’s pregnant-.  I’ve seen disrepectful marriages where one partner thinks that whatever the other partner is saying doesn’t hold any weight- basically your words are meaningless. So, why is it that we get married or stay married? Some for all the wrong reasons.  They say that communiction is a key component when it comes to marriage.  The problem is that women don’t really hear what the men are saying.  He says-  I really don’t want to have children right now.  What he’s really saying is  ‘Im willing sleep with you but not willing to be committed. Women kill me when they say, I’ll make him change. No you won’t, you’ll find yourelf in a worthless relationship that’s not going to go anywhere. Yes of course we know men lie but so do women.  How many times have you seen a woman mistreat a good man?, and we say she’s a fool, and why does he let her treat him like that? I tell you why he’s a damn fool, society and his friends tells him man you got a fine A** woman, I would do anything for her.  Is this not the dumbest thing that you ever heard?  If you are to marry someone, isn’t it logical to have common ground, honesty, good communication, friendship, good loving-can’t go without that- but ahh lessons can be learned… Y’all feel me right? Anyway, Marriage should not ever be based off what other people think of the the choice you made.  No one is entitled to make that decision for you ever. So, if you love and have all the things that you want to be married then I suggest you do it, because if you worry about what other people say then you’ll never be married. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go say go out and marry your baby daddy just becuse he can do a few things… You need all of your needs met.  Now, you need to ask yourelf are you willing to be with this person for better or for worst? No matter what it is you have to stick it out.  Are you willing to put forth the effort, is he worth the effort, or shall I say do you really love him enough to accept what he does and is he equally as well? You have to ask yourself some profound things like- will he or she cheat on me? can I accept the thnigs that are  not known to me about him or her, can I adjust my lifestyle around his or hers, am I capable of handling situations without having a nervous break-down. This has been known to happen. You know, everyone accepts what they want to accept in any and all relationships even marriage so, no one can judge how you handle your relationship, because what you’re willing to accept someone else probably wouldn’t. So don’t listen to your friends when they say, I would leave his ass or her ass, sometimes you find people say things that they really don’t mean out of anger. That’s why it’s best to have friends of all ages-meaning older- that have knowledge of such things, but always remember it is your relationship not someone elses. You have the final decision to make. I suggest you surround yourself around people whom you think make for good role models. For some of us your mother or father may not fit the profile, don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger.


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