Single Parent

Tell me this, why is it that we don’t want to give credit where credit is due as far as, being a single parent, may it be man or woman? I think that this is by far the hardest job to do.  Who said,  that one parent is capable of  raising a child or children alone? they must be fools.  I know, I know it’s been done but with a lot of repercussions. You have kids running around not respecting their teachers, elders, principals, grandmothers, their mothers, aunts, uncles etc., etc., It’s a shame but true.  Especially, in the black community that  is where I have seen it with my own two eyes.  Parents need to stick together and help each other even if you aren’t in a relationship anymore. It’s not about you it’s about the kid(s) bottom line.  Some people feel like just because they are not with the woman or man anymore all ties are severed, that’s bull, they are not severed you still have an obligation to the child(s) that you helped to bring into this world. You owe it to your child to make the right decision that is in the best interest of the child nothing less. Now, I didn’t say you couldn’t live your life, but ahh, always remember you got somebody watching you, even when you think that they aren’t they are.  All I’m saying is keep your head up and do the best that you can.  I appreciate and respect anyone whose out here doing the single parent thing.  I’m from a single parent home.  My mother- She let me make mistakes but was there to  comfort me when I needed it.  Ahh you gotta keep it movin… oh by the way I turned out GREAT!  I got nothing but high hopes for Single Parents…Do what ya’ll gotta do, because who knows you very well may have birthed the President of the United States or a Scientist who will find a cure for Aids and Cancer.


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  1. Salashia
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 00:29:11

    This couldntve been put any better than you have put it!!!!


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