People need to know their boundaries– you need to know when something ain’t your business. Like when people are in a relationship, that’s their relationship not yours. When a couple is an a relationship you are to stay away from whatever problems they incur. The reason why is because, you really don’t know what’s going on and people tend to side with their family’s side. which majority of the time be the wrong thing to do,  it’s two sides to every story.  Boundaries are meant to be followed, now if you don’t follow them you’re bound to make trouble for yourself.  That’s really not the proper way to handle the situation. It is wise to communicate with your mate what the boundaries are gonna be.  If this hasn’t been communicated over well there’s bound to be some lumps given out or a lot of cursing going on. Who does the best at breaking boundaries-family members, mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, sisters, and brothers of each others mate and occasionally friends dabble a little bit. Here’s some scenarios- you argue with your man and the next thing you know you’re getting a call from his mother, saying things she don’t have a clue about, it’s mainly about how she raised him and the infamous I believe him, because I find that hard to believe because he wouldn’t be acting like that. bullshit, he will, she don’t know him as a man in you all’s  relationship. She only knows him as a son.  Believe me she’s never gonna believe what you say especially if  he’s the favorite son or he’s the son that does everything for her.  Ladies, she don’t wanna loose that now do she? Lol….  If you are not the one she prefers him to be with, you got hell on your hands, and you can’t change that.  The only person capable of doing that is him. Will he or won’t he?  Ladies, I know there are some sisters out there you want to just strangle because she got loose lips, she don’t know when to mind her business and leave yours alone. It’s like if your mate didn’t tell your business to other people,  then they wouldn’t know and they couldn’t form an opinion about you. So, when you and your mate fall out or break-up the first thing people want to do is say all the negative shit that they can. I wonder why is that? I’ll tell you why misery loves company.  If they had their business in order they sho’ wouldn’t be worried about yours now would they? I don’t think so….


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  1. Salashia
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 16:37:22

    Wow…I’m all smiles after this one..
    You are too real for some people. This blog needs to walk off this site and walk into some people brains. I sure wish the man that I’m still in love with thinks this way….and his family. Wow I’m almost in tears.


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