Girlfriend* No one respects you, but you better respect them. Yeah right. If you don’t show respect you don’t get none. People think that girlfriends don’t hold any weight as far as, making decisions for whatever reason, incapable of handling situations when they occur, inadequate when it comes to cooking food, cause don’t nobody cook like me.-whatever- You got some people’s families who accept you for who you are and some you don’t. It is what it is. Families got to learn that even the girlfriends deserve respect. He chose her and he bought her around his family because ahh maybe he cares for her and he wants y’all to approve of his choice. Ahh but don’t get it twisted, you got men out here who can care less what they family thinks of their girlfriend because it ain’t about them. Now that’s what I’m talking about a brother who don’t let his family cloud his mind about what is best for him. Some guys think that their moma is the shit. We as women, come to  find this statement to not always be true. So, why is it that men think that their moma’s can never be wrong ahh wait, unless it’s something pertaining to him, then she’s wrong ass hell. -whatever- Then they have the audacity to ask you for your opinion.  Your response should be oh, I don’t know, that’s between you and yo’ moma.  This response will have him fired up or he will never tell you anything else about him disagreeing with his moma. Mother’s need to know when to back off. You know, as long as, the son allows his mother to reign supreme over you all’s relationship, that’s the way it’s gonna be. If you confide in you man, say- I really don’t like the comments that your moma makes when it comes to the way i do things in our house. ahh in a nice calm voice, I know this don’t always work but try. lol…Men say this a lot- remember that’s my mother. So your response should be and I’m your Woman and she needs to know her boundaries. Then wait on his reply, oh it’s probably gonna be a boyish look, because it’s gonna be hard for him to tell her that.


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