I’m reading this book by Hill Harper, so far what I have read has been a good read, but he pulled my hair back  with this he says, he date but he never commits because it is more comfortable. Then he said, whenever he meets someone he might be interested in he messes it up, not knowingly. I’m like come on Mr. Harper, get real, you only do these things you do because you have been allowed to pursue bullshit women who accept that kind of stuff. You know as long as the women accept it it’s cool. You know, I don’t think all the women accepted it, they were just fascinated with Mr. Harper because he is  an intelligent, charming, and beautiful black man, who has a problem with committing. I figured this much out and I’m only on page 47.  The name of his book is The Conversation, I got the Hard Cover (I like hard cover books they look better on the book shelf).  You gotta get this book it seems pretty interesting. I’ll update you all soon!!!!!!


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