Food for Thought

Why do women allow men to come into they’re lives and change it? why do men go out of their way to please a woman who ain’t worth two cents? Why do women allow men to call them bitches and hoes and then tell their friends oh he’s just tripping, he’ll be calling me later watch. huh? yeah right! Why do women think that only the pretty girls get good men? first of all you can’t see behind close doors , she could probably be the most miserable of all your friends. Looks fade but love don’t. Women and men should appreciate who they are and learn to except the fact that not everybody is gonna love you, -You Diva- Why do people try to change who a person is? Why do women love so hard? Why do men think with their weenies? lol! Why do we search our whole lifetime for real love? Why do people disrespect the ones they really love? Why do women accept bullshit excuses from men? If a man or woman doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated then exit the door, their not worthy of you. Why do women cling to a no-good ass man?  Why do people use other people for whatever they can?  Why do women say we don’t need a man, yes we do we just don’t need the bullshit that comes with them…. (not all men are like this) anything that you allow, you deserve to reap the consequences or benefits which ever comes first or fits. Women need to stop allowing bullshit into their lives you don’t have to accept being called out your name in public or at home. Women should not allow men to interrupt what they are doing or got going on unless he’s talking about being committed. Ladies, if you want to be married you gotta start acting married. Do you really think that a man from the bar is gonna marry you? come on now let’s be real. If you want something you have to do all you can to get it. First of all ladies, A man looks for a wife not the other way around. Ladies you gotta stop hanging with your girls all the time, that’s the first thing, how can you be chosen if your husband to be gotta find you through a pack of other interesting chicks. Think about it, if you’re alone he gets to see your qualities. Believe me, men they watch you, just like you watch them. They know when you’re a hoe or a descent women. You see, men treat you accordingly. if you act a hoe then he’ll treat you like one bottom line. If you act like a lady he’ll treat you like one. Just checkout other people’s relationship, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Women get rid of your checklist of what he has to do in order to get with you. That’s bullshit, and you know it. Half the shit on your list he ain’t gonna do and you are gonna accept it because you love him. So ahh, let’s keep it real ok. Set realistic stuff  like honesty, a job, a good over-all should this be first-lol, wants to be in a committed relationship, willing to be friends with you, humble, courteous, charming, a good communicator, enjoy life, laughter, and whatever other interests you have. Maybe you might become interested in some of the things he does as well. For instance you listen to rap music but when you get with your husband, you start listening to what he listens to.  Right there you just made common ground with your man. That’s what love does it appreciates the other persons interests, I’m not saying you have to go along with everything but if you don’t someone else will you feel me? another thing, women we always saying or telling him what we ain’t gonna do, ahh I beg to differ you’ll do it, you just want tell your friends..Lol! aww ok, for you smart asses, get the right man in your life all that bullshit is gonna go out the window.. I promise you, you’ll be like- aww shit this, oh no he didn’t…


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