Thinking Outloud!

Why do people hate on you? Is it because you have more than them. What actually does this mean more than somebody? does it mean that if we count the things that we have one would have more than the other? or does it mean that one has bigger and better things than another person? I’m confused, because if it was meant for you to have all the stuff the next person has you would have it.  Think about this, a person can have everything you wish you had but, be the most unhappiest person ever. You see things shouldn’t make you happy, life should. You’re here aren’t you? So, make the best of the day that is given to you. So go out and do just that. Some people will never have the chance to do the things that others can do.  So, what you have to do is keep it moving, and be happy with the cards that you were dealt. Just think it could be worse. So, what if you don’t have the best furniture in your house, so what if you don’t live in the nicest house, so what. Tell them if they don’t like it stay home. Real Talk … Have you ever encountered people who can always have something  to say about where you live? but always need help with something. -ahh yeah miss me with that one- they need help but always criticizing other people’s stuff like, your house is ugly or they’ll tell someone else everything that’s going on in your house, because the other person really wants to know because, she wants to show her she does everything better than you. Real Talk-  It’s like this, they may have better things than you but you’re happier than she’ll ever be.  Now which one would you rather be? Why is it when someone else form an opinion or spread bad news about you other people just go along with it?  It’s because they didn’t like you anyway, and they were just waiting for some stuff to jump off so, they can ride with the bull shit. You see real women persevere over any and all bull shit- Real Talk- You see, people who keep it real don’t have to tell anybody, it’s showed in everything that they do. Sometimes people side with other people against you because they want to be on the winning side. – wow, this is truly funny to me- or they think just because a person is who they are they gonna side with them no matter what. -Not me never- I would treat a person according to the way they treat me. A person should never take another person’s word for something and not find out for myself what the deal really is.  A person shouldn’t care how cool a person is or who they are (meaning family or friends), You should always be your own person and you should be able to make your own decisions, not someone else make that decision for you.


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