True to it

You know, real friends got your back not talk behind it.  Why is it that your Girl’, be talking behind your back to other people about everything she can imagine? I tell you why because either she’s unhappy in her relationship or she’s jealous of the relationships you have with other people.  She wants to be the one that gets noticed not you, who are you? There is no way possible two people are going to have the same effect on people.  It’s just not gonna happen because, one friend may be doing more than the other friend to get the recognition she is getting, while the other friend is not.  You have friends who think just because they’re doing all of this and that, that they should be the one getting the recognition.  Real friends stick by your side because they love you and care about you and they don’t want to see you in any kind of harms way.  Sometimes you have friends who can’t wait to see you coming especially when it  comes to bad news, so she can comfort you and get all the details to tell someone else ( She’s not true to it). You see a real friend will be there for you no atter what anyone tells her.  Scenario* If your girl’, has to be hospitalized and you want to go see her, are you going to ask someone elses opinion or are you going to go see your girl’?  if you find yourself in this place you are not a friend or the other person don’t mean anything to you.  Sometimes you have men who are jealous of the relationship you have with your girl’. Your man gets mad when you are on the phone with her talking for long periods of time. Then there’s the friends which whom you’ve only known for about five years verses yo’ girl of twenty years.  Your girl’ of twenty years gets jealous of the your new friend, she starts saying things about her that aren’t even true, like- she thinks she’s all that, or she thinks she’s cute. whatever- You always gonna have friends who don’t like each other but ahh, that would be their business not yours. If your friend had a situation going on with her would you tell everyone she knows to make her look bad or would you address her with it in private.  Friends that are true to it, knows this answer…….


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