Can You really Talk?

When a woman is so depressed and she tells a friend all of her troubles and then the friend tells everyone she knows about her friends situation, does that show that the friend really is not her friend? Sometimes, people get caught up in getting information about someone before they can really get the just of the entire situation. Why would someone want to hurt another person with bad information about them rather it be true or not, can that person really talk? Women got a bad habit of talking about things that they shouldn’t because you never know how far this information could go and what the consequences of you talking too much can get you. -just a little word of advice keep it closed, (your mouth). What if what you say about someone is hurtful and demeaning would you still put it out there? some people would because, they don’t care about other people’s feelings just their own.  Some people go out into the world as if they don’t have a problem of their own. You need to sweep out from under your own door step before you start talking about others. can they really talk? If someone you knew was married and cheating on their husband would you tell him? If you saw your best friend man with another chick would you tell her? If you knew that a rumor was out about your girl, would you tell her? You know somethings are better left unsaid. You gotta know whom it is that you are giving the information to because no two people handle information in the same manner. Be careful because you may hurt someone you are not meaning to hurt and you may just lose a friend. Sometimes, you have people in your life that you think are your friend so, you tell them everything, but you don’t realize they’re telling everything you tell them to someone else. You know why they do this? because they’re unhappy with their life and as the saying goes…Misery loves company. A true friend will try his or her best to help you out of your demise instead of watching you  wallow in it.  I know, I know, some people can’t be helped, but nothing beats a failure but a try. Have you ever ran across a person who got all the answers to everything? Wow, that’s something ain’t it? they got all the answers for you and your situation but not any for their own. Can they really talk? Truth is, you need to know what information to give someone and what information not to give because your business will be in the streets quick. Ahh the family is not excluded in any of the given information.  Have you ever known someone who has it all together? now that’s funny because I know there are people out here like that. These are the people who always got something to say about what you’re doing and how you should do this or do that. These kinds of people are Miserable because they don’t have a life because their too busy trying to run yours. Check this out, Girl what are you doing, I wouldn’t that, I would do this. It’s like is their information more beneficial or harmful? Can they really talk? Here’s another one, Girl you let him do that? I wouldn’t let him do that to me, I would get rid of him. Meanwhile, at her house she’s getting spit on, talked to crazy, and the big one getting disrespected as a woman constantly. Can she really talk?  Basically, what I am saying is take heed to what you’re saying and to whom you are saying it.


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