Young Women

Young women don’t seem to have respect for themselves. They let these young men use their mind and bodies up. Young women you cannot let men take control over your being. If you are weak he will. Young women you have to stop sleeping with every man you meet just because he told you, you were cute, or the infamous line- You look better than any of your friends. That’s game. He chose you because he figured you were the weaker of the group. You see men watch women to determined how and when he will approach you if at all. If a man doesn’t want anything and he sees a woman who seems to be the same way he will approach you. Young women stop choosing men because of the cars they drive and how good they look. That’s crazy. Young women you need to cover your bodies up because, you only attract men who really don’t want anything but to sleep with you and tell his friends how easy you are. You have to have self-respect. If you got you boobs out and your butt out, men will think it’s ok to rub on you because you got them out their and you must like attention otherwise you wouldn’t be dressed that way. It’s just how they think. you can dress sexy but does your body parts gotta be showing? In some instances you could be asking for trouble. Why is it that young women are so naive of what is going on in life, but when a man says something to them they’re pay close attention? Young women need to get it together because mommy is not gonna be there to protect you all the time. Young women need to be focused more on education, and their goals. Young women you need too stop running the street and acting like you’re going to be kicking it all the time because you’re young. One things for sure time changes, everything don’t stay the same, you better be careful of the choices that you make. Young women y’all need to evaluate these men before you start sleeping with them because everyman that you date might not be for you. You have to hold out. Get to know who you are dating that way you have some kind of idea who he is. Cute just don’t cut it. Never allow a man to do whatever he wants because he will.
If a man likes you or is interested in you he’ll come to you. Don’t seem so desperate to have a man, the right one will come along but, if you think that he is going to come and you’re not inline to receive him you’re wrong. Y’all think men don’t care about, but in fact they do. Sometimes you can meet a guy and say, ahh he’s not my type, but how do you know you never gave him the time of day. Don’t knock until you try it. Now all this cussing and back talk with your or anyone older than you is very disrespectful and it shows exactly what your mother has taught you. Young women you have to stop allowing men to call you out of your name (Bitch, Hoe, Dumbass). Do not allow this kind of behavior, it is a downgrade to you as a woman. Drop-in sleeping with mem who don’t respect you. Stop sleeping with mem who don’t have the goals. Stop selling yourself short-lived on a anything ass man, he ain’t worth it. If you want better you have to be actin better. You wanna be married, you gotta act married. Know This and keep it no one is more responsible for what you do or achieve in your life but you. Just because your moma didn’t do something in a certain manner doesn’t mean that you have to follow what She did, Especially If it didn’t work.


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