The Raise

If you work you should receive a raise as some point. What’s the deal on getting a raise besides excellent performance?


The Lending People

The lenders that offer help to you, in the manner of a school grant or school  loans, has the right to charge you even when you are unemployed and can’t afford the payment they set in place for you to pay them back for 20 years. Some lenders will allow you to pay what you can afford for up to one year and then after that you have accumulated more interest and a higher payment  schedule then you can afford so, they just keep sticking it to you. oh and deferment is just to say ok we understand but they put interest on that as well. In the long run, you will be paying the lenders double the amount  than you had anticipated. I think that you should pay what your original loan was and nothing more.

Gas prices

Isn’t it just ridiculous how gas prices are so high? I have to purchase premium gas. The gas prices in Wisconsin for premium gas is $4.30 per gallon, now that’s just ridiculous shouldn’t we own our own oil fields, becuase this is just to much.


Why does Mitt Romney want to run for President is it for the money? Doesn’t he already have enough money? As if being president is going to get him more money. Whatever, he will not be getting my vote.

Google blames paid link policy

Google blames paid link policy violators on agency Unruly which blames sponsored blogger.This is what happened A blogger is paid to publish a Chrome video  and get this is now responsible for violating google policy. Huh?