Is it possible that if you go to your manager on your job, and tell him/her that you feel as though a male co-worker groped you as you passed by him, that this information would end up in an email to other co workers as a joke? Or how about when you talk to your pastor about a personal situation he in turn give the information out to people who can do harm to you. This kind of stuff isn’t right is it? and why would someone you put confidence in betray you? Is it because it’s the right thing to do? but isn’t a pastor suppose to keep all things told to him or her in confidence? The manager at your job is supposed to be the person you go to about situations or problems you are having on your job and to think that he or she would misuse the information to defame and humiliate you. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the pastor of your church, suppose to hold all information given to him or her in the highest of confidence? He or she isn’t suppose to disclose this information no matter what.  What does confidentiality mean to these  people? Nothing…….


Food for thought

You set people up for success or you set them up for failure…..


You have people who think their stuff don’t stink. I’m here to tell you something a little different. You got people out here who live in a better house  and who drives a better car than most people. Don’t get caught up in the hype, what they got may look good but sometimes they can be the most unhappiest and miserable people. And you wanna know why, because they are more consumed with what looks good to other people and what other people think of them. Now how crazy does that sound? I know everybody knows someone like this, what kind of car you driving? Where you live at? they ask you these questions because they want to be reassured that they are doing a lot better than you. But what is it for a man to gain the world and lose his soul. We got some people out here whom in their life never really had anything., and when they get older they want it all and they want to show the world what they got. You have some people out here who forget where they come from, they lose their way. They become materialistic, everything they put on has to be name brand or they ain’t wearing it. What in their minds make them believe that a name brand pair of jeans or purse is any better than another? their minds are warped You have people out here talking about their own people instead of trying to help them. I think when someone has gained knowledge about something they should share it. I’ve heard people be belittled by someone and I immediately say, that’s wrong. I don’t agree with putting people down just to make myself look good. You know that’s why the black community can’t get ahead because we got people like I just described out here not informing their own people about information which in turn can make the community better along with offering opportunity and information for guidance. I know self-preservation is the first key to life. You have to be a giver not just a receiver.  It’s like knowledge is power. I know because whenever someone i know goes through something or they have a problem with something they call me. I’m going to show you GOD’s Power, A Girl I wasn’t getting along with at my job became homeless, but she called on me for help and guidance. I gave her guidance. Now why do you think she came to me of all people, because she knew who could help her regardless to how she felt she had to do what was best you feel me? I’m going to give you another situation, now I’m at home laid off from work from the school break. I receive a text message that a co-worker needs help with her cell phone and she call upon me for assistance. She asked when was I returning to work because she has a knew cell phone and she needs my help. You see sometimes help might just  be around the corner. you never know when and who you may be getting help from so, you need to give in order to receive.  I get called on far more than some people realize and you know what I don’t mind. I’ve been called upon for advice many times! I been called upon for advice from my older lady friends as well as the younger women and women my age because as they say, I keep it real and that I have a way of saying things that don’t seem like I’m putting them down. You know life has always had a way of changing things. You know you got people who go through things and don’t have an outlet so they try to commit suicide or they become withdrawn and depressed. That’s why we should never be ashamed to ask for help. Some people don’t ask for help because they have not been so kind to others, but it’s ok because GOD will make a way where that person will need the very person they have mis-used in some kind of way or fashion. A begger is no less than you, cause someday it just might be you.

Can You really Talk?

When a woman is so depressed and she tells a friend all of her troubles and then the friend tells everyone she knows about her friends situation, does that show that the friend really is not her friend? Sometimes, people get caught up in getting information about someone before they can really get the just of the entire situation. Why would someone want to hurt another person with bad information about them rather it be true or not, can that person really talk? Women got a bad habit of talking about things that they shouldn’t because you never know how far this information could go and what the consequences of you talking too much can get you. -just a little word of advice keep it closed, (your mouth). What if what you say about someone is hurtful and demeaning would you still put it out there? some people would because, they don’t care about other people’s feelings just their own.  Some people go out into the world as if they don’t have a problem of their own. You need to sweep out from under your own door step before you start talking about others. can they really talk? If someone you knew was married and cheating on their husband would you tell him? If you saw your best friend man with another chick would you tell her? If you knew that a rumor was out about your girl, would you tell her? You know somethings are better left unsaid. You gotta know whom it is that you are giving the information to because no two people handle information in the same manner. Be careful because you may hurt someone you are not meaning to hurt and you may just lose a friend. Sometimes, you have people in your life that you think are your friend so, you tell them everything, but you don’t realize they’re telling everything you tell them to someone else. You know why they do this? because they’re unhappy with their life and as the saying goes…Misery loves company. A true friend will try his or her best to help you out of your demise instead of watching you  wallow in it.  I know, I know, some people can’t be helped, but nothing beats a failure but a try. Have you ever ran across a person who got all the answers to everything? Wow, that’s something ain’t it? they got all the answers for you and your situation but not any for their own. Can they really talk? Truth is, you need to know what information to give someone and what information not to give because your business will be in the streets quick. Ahh the family is not excluded in any of the given information.  Have you ever known someone who has it all together? now that’s funny because I know there are people out here like that. These are the people who always got something to say about what you’re doing and how you should do this or do that. These kinds of people are Miserable because they don’t have a life because their too busy trying to run yours. Check this out, Girl what are you doing, I wouldn’t that, I would do this. It’s like is their information more beneficial or harmful? Can they really talk? Here’s another one, Girl you let him do that? I wouldn’t let him do that to me, I would get rid of him. Meanwhile, at her house she’s getting spit on, talked to crazy, and the big one getting disrespected as a woman constantly. Can she really talk?  Basically, what I am saying is take heed to what you’re saying and to whom you are saying it.

Food for Thought


Thinking Outloud!

Why do people hate on you? Is it because you have more than them. What actually does this mean more than somebody? does it mean that if we count the things that we have one would have more than the other? or does it mean that one has bigger and better things than another person? I’m confused, because if it was meant for you to have all the stuff the next person has you would have it.  Think about this, a person can have everything you wish you had but, be the most unhappiest person ever. You see things shouldn’t make you happy, life should. You’re here aren’t you? So, make the best of the day that is given to you. So go out and do just that. Some people will never have the chance to do the things that others can do.  So, what you have to do is keep it moving, and be happy with the cards that you were dealt. Just think it could be worse. So, what if you don’t have the best furniture in your house, so what if you don’t live in the nicest house, so what. Tell them if they don’t like it stay home. Real Talk … Have you ever encountered people who can always have something  to say about where you live? but always need help with something. -ahh yeah miss me with that one- they need help but always criticizing other people’s stuff like, your house is ugly or they’ll tell someone else everything that’s going on in your house, because the other person really wants to know because, she wants to show her she does everything better than you. Real Talk-  It’s like this, they may have better things than you but you’re happier than she’ll ever be.  Now which one would you rather be? Why is it when someone else form an opinion or spread bad news about you other people just go along with it?  It’s because they didn’t like you anyway, and they were just waiting for some stuff to jump off so, they can ride with the bull shit. You see real women persevere over any and all bull shit- Real Talk- You see, people who keep it real don’t have to tell anybody, it’s showed in everything that they do. Sometimes people side with other people against you because they want to be on the winning side. – wow, this is truly funny to me- or they think just because a person is who they are they gonna side with them no matter what. -Not me never- I would treat a person according to the way they treat me. A person should never take another person’s word for something and not find out for myself what the deal really is.  A person shouldn’t care how cool a person is or who they are (meaning family or friends), You should always be your own person and you should be able to make your own decisions, not someone else make that decision for you.

True to it

You know, real friends got your back not talk behind it.  Why is it that your Girl’, be talking behind your back to other people about everything she can imagine? I tell you why because either she’s unhappy in her relationship or she’s jealous of the relationships you have with other people.  She wants to be the one that gets noticed not you, who are you? There is no way possible two people are going to have the same effect on people.  It’s just not gonna happen because, one friend may be doing more than the other friend to get the recognition she is getting, while the other friend is not.  You have friends who think just because they’re doing all of this and that, that they should be the one getting the recognition.  Real friends stick by your side because they love you and care about you and they don’t want to see you in any kind of harms way.  Sometimes you have friends who can’t wait to see you coming especially when it  comes to bad news, so she can comfort you and get all the details to tell someone else ( She’s not true to it). You see a real friend will be there for you no atter what anyone tells her.  Scenario* If your girl’, has to be hospitalized and you want to go see her, are you going to ask someone elses opinion or are you going to go see your girl’?  if you find yourself in this place you are not a friend or the other person don’t mean anything to you.  Sometimes you have men who are jealous of the relationship you have with your girl’. Your man gets mad when you are on the phone with her talking for long periods of time. Then there’s the friends which whom you’ve only known for about five years verses yo’ girl of twenty years.  Your girl’ of twenty years gets jealous of the your new friend, she starts saying things about her that aren’t even true, like- she thinks she’s all that, or she thinks she’s cute. whatever- You always gonna have friends who don’t like each other but ahh, that would be their business not yours. If your friend had a situation going on with her would you tell everyone she knows to make her look bad or would you address her with it in private.  Friends that are true to it, knows this answer…….

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